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Κυριακή, 7 Νοεμβρίου 2010

Epidemic-Lars von Trier (1987)

Lars von Trier-Epidemic (1987)
1469.9 MB | 1:41:49 | Danish/English with Eng. s/t | XviD, 1720 Kb/s | 656x400
From controversial director Lars von Trier comes the bizarre story of a director (played by von Trier himself) and a writer who create a script about a mysterious plague that engulfs Europe, only to find their horrific scenario coming true in real life. Featuring Udo Kier, Epidemic is a dark and original horror film with a twist: Is the epidemic real, or is it only a dark figment of von Trier's imagination?

A film director and a script writer (performed by Lars von Trier and Niels Vørsel themselves) write a screenplay, in which an epidemic spreads about the whole world. Like the protagonist they do not notice, that a real epidemic is developing around them. (

It's reassuring to know Lars von Trier was always unconventional. Epidemic, von Trier's second feature, comes close to being a horror movie, except it keeps derailing itself to noodle while a director (played by von Trier) and screenwriter (screenwriter Niels Vorsel) improvise a scenario about a plague epidemic. Their struggles are shot in grainy 16 mm., while flashes of the intended film are in stunning 35. Epidemic is meandering enough to test the patience of even devoted von Trier fans, but it always looks good even when it looks bad, if that makes any sense, and the finale--which involves hypnotism, one of the Danish director's early obsessions--will give a chill to genre fans looking for a "gotcha." Von Trier regular Udo Kier pops up, and the film wouldn't be complete without its logo: the title branded onto the upper-left corner for most of the movie. Lars, you devil. (--Robert Horton - Editorial Reviews -

In his second film, director Lars von Trier stars as a young filmmaker (named Lars) who, along with his friend, Niels (real life co-writer, Niels Vørsel), is writing a 200-page screenplay entitled The Cop & The Whore. When they lose the screenplay in a computer mishap, they decide to start over with a new story entitled Epidemic, about a horrible plague taking over Europe. Little do they know that, as they are writing, a real viral catastrophe is starting to wipe out the citizens of the continent. Strange and experimental, EPIDEMIC alternates between 16mm and 35 mm film, and often breaks up its narrative flow with strange vignettes involving characters who don't appear elsewhere in the story. As part of von Trier's EUROPA trilogy (which also includes THE ELEMENT OF CRIME (1985) and ZENTROPA (1992)), this is required viewing for fans of the idiosyncratic and uncompromising Danish auteur. (14 * 100 MB + 69.9 MB)


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